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How does this weekly order and pick-up work?

I develop menus based on seasonal ingredients and what is available at local farm markets. Every week, a new menu for the upcoming work week (Monday through Thursday) will be posted by noon on Friday.


So that I can purchase enough ingredients and supplies, orders will be accepted ONLY from 12 noon on Friday until midnight each Sunday for the upcoming work week. Packed in earth-friendly recyclable and resuable containers, pre-ordered meals will be available for convenient pick-up behind the Bright Box Theater in Indian Alley at a selected time between 4:00 and 6:00 pm each day. 

You can order a single meal on a particular day for pick-up at a pre-selected time, or you can order for multiple days (or all). Special requests can be accommodated on the order page, or you can contact me with questions by email at When you place your order, you will be prompted to select a pick-up time. Pick-up is behind the Bright Box Theater in Indian Alley. If you are running behind schedule, you can email me or text me at 804-350-3608 and I will hold your order until as late as 6:30 pm each day. 


Whats the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?


A private chef is employed by one individual or family, full time, and often lives in their homes preparing up to 3 meals a day.


A personal chef serves several clients, usually one per day and provides meals that are custom designed for each client.

Who uses personal chefs?


-Busy individuals, couples, families

-New parents

-Seniors retiring from the kitchen

-Individuals with strict or specific dietary needs

-Anyone looking for help with a new food lifestyle

-Party hosts looking for a easy new way to entertain



What if I have a food allergy or don't like a particular ingredient in the dish? Do you substitute ingredients?


I can usually accommodate food preferences and allergies. Please let me know your needs by writing them in the "Special Requests" area on the order form. If I cannot accommdate your request, I will let you know immediately.



Do you offer alternative meals for vegetarians?


Yes, I can often adapt meals for vegetarians and also will offer vegetarians options on the weekly menu. Please let me know your needs by writing them in the "Special Requests" area on the order form.  If I cannot accommodate your request, I will let you know immediately. 

When do you cook my order?


I make each dish daily from fresh ingredients. In most cases, your order will be hot and ready to eat. 



Can I microwave my meal or freeze it for later?


Yes, the recyclable reusable  containers your meal is packed in are microwave, dishwasher (top shelf) and freezer safe. However, the containers are NOT oven safe.

What is your cooking style?


I was born and raised in Virginia so my roots are in traditional southern cooking. Working under many master chefs early in my career gave me the knowledge and building blocks to develop my own style.  Cooking with fresh herbs, olive oil instead of butter, locally sourced ingredients, and crafting fresh pasta from scratch, I would describe my cooking as "Low-Country Mediterranean."

Where are my meals prepared?


All of the meals for Dine One-One customers are prepared in the Bright Box Theater commercial kitchen. All food is cooked and packaged on the day of pick up and held hot or cold respectively.

How do I pay for your service?


Dine One-One accepts pre-paid online orders using PayPal (credit or debit) cash and checks.

Are you licensed and insured?


Yes. I carry liability insurance. I am also a ServSafe certified food manager from the National Restaurant Association I have a business license and a health permit to operate a restaurant in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions



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