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I have worked in the food service industry in some capacity for over 30 years. Starting out as a dishwasher as most chefs do, I instantly felt that the restaurant industry was for me. I have worked in chain and independent restaurants, corporate cafeterias, five-star hotels and private country clubs. Early in my career I had the privilege of working under master chefs from Italy, Germany, Spain, and France. One of the first culinary jobs I had was a chef's apprentice at the Country Club of Virginia where the chefs were young and hip and just out of culinary school. Here I learned proper knife skills and cooking techniques. As a young chef, my next big job was as the Chef de Cuisine for a cutting-edge Master Italian Chef.  Not only did he teach me how to hone my cooking skills, he also taught me the finer points of being a chef and running a kitchen. From there I  moved on to The Jefferson Hotel, working with one of the premiere vegan chefs in the country to establish a name for T.J.'s Restaurant as hot spot in the Richmond restaurant scene.


With the knowledge and skills I acquired under these chefs, I landed my first Executive Chef position at Philip Morris Operations Center. Working at this manufacturing plant, it was my responsibility to make sure the 1500-2000 employees were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. When Philip Morris Headquarters moved from New York to Richmond I was asked to oversee the design and construction of all of the food services and kitchens in the new building. The position I was next chosen for was as Executive Chef for The Dominion Club, a private country club in the far West End of Richmond. With weddings, golf outings, high end wine dinners, and member dining this was one of the most demanding yet enjoyable positions I have held. 


The next chapter opens when my wife was offered a job in Winchester, VA. We always said that I could cook anywhere but there were only so many places for her to use her degrees. This gave me more time to spend with my family as I had been working mostly nights and weekends for the past ten years. Since we arrived here, I have served as the Executive Chef at The George Washington Hotel and started my own restaurant consulting business. Some of my clients include the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and The Congressional School in Northern Virginia. Now I have another great opportunity to start another business: Dine One-One. A personal chef to rescue you from unhealthy fast-food, high-priced restaurants, and time spent planning and shopping for your next meal.

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